Monday, November 4, 2013

When a Man Pulls Away Bring Him Closer with This Move
It’s been close to a year now since you met your man. The fire that you one associated with the relationship when it was new has gone out. He doesn’t call as often as he did back then. He doesn’t propose for night outs and candle lit dinners. He prefers hanging out with his friends or going to the gym than being with you. While all hope may seem lost, don’t be anxious, when a man pulls away bring him closer with this move outlined below.

Your man may be pulling away for different reasons, but guess what, pulling away by men when in a relationship is perfectly normal. As a matter of fact pulling away happens when his feelings for you grow deeper. Falling in love can make a man feel susceptible, and he will try to pull a move that will make him not lose himself.

Never Go After Him…When this happens, most women make the mistake of going after their men, thereby looking desperate. If a man pulls away, be sure that he will come around after a while and the best move to pull is to create tension so that he can find his way back into your arms. Trying to follow your man when he pulls away will be purging the tension he needs for him to come back.

Start it today, since you man will pull in and out of your relationship. When a man pulls away bring him closer with this move and make it a practice every time it happens. This move has to do with self-esteem; have inner strength, but a pliable outside. Be sure to have a constructive chat with your man when he comes back after a period of withdrawal.

Why does he keep pulling away? He simply pulls away because he doesn’t want to become venerable. The next time he pulls away, you know what to do, by pulling this move repeatedly; he will soon get over it and stick with you forever. 

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