Sunday, November 17, 2013

Things to Say to Make a Guy Smile over Text
Do love being uplifted when you are down? Guys love getting uplifting texts especially from someone they love because they know that whatever is being said comes from the senders heart and not just a mere flirt. Paying your boyfriend some compliments goes a long way in making the relationship stronger.

You don’t have to wonder whether you should be texting him first, he is your man after all; you should just know when to send him a text that will make him smile and the words to use. Here is a list of things to say to make a guy smile over text.

>>>> When I first laid my eyes on you, I knew that my childhood prayers had been answered.

>>>< Good things come to those who wait; you are certainly worth the wait.

>>>> God must have taken some time off before creating you; you are one amazing human being.

>>>> I never knew what falling in love was until I met you.

>>>> I never believed into tomorrow until I met you.

>>>> You are the sugar in my tea; did I mention the butter in my bread?

>>>> You might not be my first love but you are certainly my best love.

>>>> He is hot, perfectly shaped, he is an Alpha male, he is all MINE!

>>>> My life wasn’t colorful; it was black and white until you came around.

>>>> If walls could speak, say how much I love you and how many times I say you name every day you would blush.

>>>> Sometimes I wish I would sleep in your t-shirt, your smell turns me on.

When you want to make a guy smile over a text just say simple sweet things. It is the simple things said in a relationship that hold the longest memories. The above highlighted things to say to make a guy smile over text certainly offer useful tips for texting someone you like.

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