Monday, November 4, 2013

How to Make Him Commit Quickly and Easily
That you man deeply loves you has never been in contention. As a matter of fact your girlfriends envy you. To them, you are in a perfect relationship. You know it as well, the only problem is you are unsure of your mans’ motives since he won’t commit. You simply can’t handle the thought of losing him. Take a deep breath and relax, here is how to make him commit quickly and easily.

Tell Him What You Want…Be open with him, perhaps the reason why he won’t commit is because he is unsure of what you want as well. Politely tell him that you want his full commitment to the relationship. Do this in a nice way so that he doesn’t misinterpret your message. 

Be Natural…Don’t try to be perfect in everything you do so as to please him. If you walk down this road, you will end up losing your identity and may hurt your personality as well. If your man says something you don’t understand, don’t act like you know what he is talking about. Remember that you are both special but in different ways.

Insist On Meeting his Family…By meeting his parents for instance, you are in a way part of his life. If a man introduces you to his family, be sure that he is prepared for a lifetime commitment. He will start seeing you as his future wife. Only few men would introduce women they don’t intend to marry to their families.

Make Him Feel Special…You’ve been wondering on how to make him commit quickly and easily? Show him that you love him alone and he will be more secure. If he is a potential husband, there is no problem in sizing him up. Buy him gifts that suggest you care about him. He will be yours for keeps.

Show Him That You Are Not After His Material Wealth…You man might not be super rich, but the fact is men tend to get turned off by women who are with them for what they have and not who they are. If you show him that you don’t look into what he owns, he will see you as a potential lifetime partner and will even look for your opinion when he is about to make a major financial decision. 

With these 5 easy steps to make him commit, you will certainly have your man by your side for long. Try them out, they are simple to execute. 

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