Friday, November 8, 2013

How Do You Get a Man to Love You?
Ever had a crush on man and all you wished for was that he was yours for keeps? Sometimes it takes courage and self-confidence to walk up to a man and tell him on his face that you love him. But how often does this happen? Very rarely, you have to think twice before pulling such a move since you don’t know how the guy will react to your request.

You certainly don’t want rejection and if the truth is to be told no one likes being rejected more so by a man you have a thing for. So, how do you get a man to love you without trying so hard? Here are simple ways to make it happen:

Arrange For a Date Somewhere Secluded So That You Can Talk and Unwind…You can arrange for a candle lit dinner in a secluded restaurant somewhere in town. Ensure that the ambiance is calm; in the middle of your meal you can tell the man how much you adore him. Allow him time to share his feelings and outlook as well.

Show Him Affection…One of the simple ways to get a man to love you is genuinely expressing your affection to him. While expressing affection alone may not be enough to make him love you, take it a notch higher by sending him sweets texts when he least expects it. If the response is good, sending him cute love quotes would only bring him closer.

Dress In a Sexy Way Once in A while…Dressing in sexy attire is a sure way of getting a man to love you. When in private dress in sexy lingerie, conduct a little private show while at it. Be sure to have a plan, since at times dressing in a sexy way may excite him. When in public remember to act like a lady, since you don’t want to attract unnecessary attention. 

With these simple ways, you don’t have to ask how do you get a man to love you, he is now within your reach. 

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