Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Recommended Tips for Getting a Man to Commit

Still don’t know how to get your man commit? In relationships, it’s one of the greatest hurdles most women face. Men just go into a state of shock when you talk about committing to a relationship. And when you ask for the reason; they can’t come up with a valid justification. In this article, we’ll talk about tips for getting a man to commit. 

First, don’t ever involve in any argument. Men hate that. If you think that you can win him simply by winning an argument and proving you’re right, then you’re going wrong. Don’t do that if you don’t want to be hated.

Second, men just love their space. If you think you can influence his decision or can make him commit just by being with him most of the times, that’ll make the situation worse. If you’ve confessed before him today, don’t be desperate to meet him tomorrow. Leave it up to him. Show a casual attitude and let him call you for a date.  

Third, what are other tips for getting a man to commit? Don’t get too desperate. Don’t force him to come up with a definite answer within a day or two. Even if you’ve told him that you’re ready to commit, let him loose. Don’t push him too much. Rather show like you’re not looking for any reply soon. Try not to be too demanding and dependant on his love.

Fourth, try to be his friend. If you can make him comfortable through your company, he will automatically like to be with you for a long time. Try to understand him.  

Fifth, commitment needs lots of maturity and trust. You both need time to develop a good understanding in your relationship. A relationship grows with time. Don’t try to control the speed at which your relationship is moving at present. If you try to be too dominant, you’ll simply lose him. Instead, let the relationship flourish over time. Try these ways to make him commit.  


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