Saturday, October 19, 2013

How to Make Him Want to Propose!

If you have been in a long-term relationship with your man for a long time but the marriage proposal is yet to come, the following easy tips on how to make him want to propose! Can help you get a proposal without pressurizing your man.

Know what the man wants in a wife…It you have been in a relationship with the man for some time and you like him, do a research on what he finds attractive in a wife, and give him the same. These marketing strategies can turn out to be very effective because no man would be willing to let his dream wife go. Going for another man does not help either. The most effective way of getting a proposal lies in providing your man with all what he values in a woman. 

Offer him something that he can value but he does not have it…Most of the features most women think are of value cannot cause a man to propose, because anyone else can offer the same. Majority of women see being kind, caring, soft or sweet to their men as a weakness. Surprisingly, men greatly value these traits. A man who is interested in marriage does not value your performance in your career because he is looking for a wife. You therefore need to provide something of more value that you haven’t offered before.

Offer lasting dependability and quality…An average woman undergoes many changes in her love life since her childhood. If you have decided on settling down in marriage, you have to convince your man that this is a permanent change, not unlike the other changes you have made before. When you provide quality and dependability, your man is likely to propose sooner than you expect.

Give an excellent service…Your concerns are important but they should have a limit. When the man comes home after a long day of work, provide him with the perfect environment to relax. Giving him hard times at home will make him want to spend more time away and this and he won’t propose any time soon. 

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