Saturday, October 19, 2013

7 Ways to Get Your Man to Propose Marriage to You

By nature, human beings are social animals. This fact makes it necessary for couples who are in courtship to be united by marriage. Most women find it difficult to tell their men that they need to get married. However, this difficulty will no longer be a challenge if the following 7 ways to get your man to propose marriage to you followed to the later.

The following are 7 ways to get your man to propose marriage to you:

1) Use indirect methods to show him that you are ready. This can be achieved by gathering suggestive articles like leaving marriage magazines on his table, telling him interesting stories about a colorful wedding you have attended in past, and so on.

2) Since people’s mind is not the same, you should never assume that your man is ready for marriage. Therefore, it is important to tell him that you are ready. However, you should not try to push him to make the same decision. Instead, give him humble time to make his own decision.

3) The fact that you may want to express to him that marriage is important for them, you should be careful that you do not make it to appear as if it is consuming part of your relationship lest he pulls away when he senses your eagerness.

4) Try to introduce him to your family members by inviting him to important family occasions. This will make him feel special before the eyes of your people.

5) Give him enough freedom and introduce your friends to him, especially if you have happily married friends. He will definitely admire their good marriage life and he will sooner ask you for it.

6) If you have talked to him about marriage and you do not see any changes, then you can pass the same message to his most genuine friend. Most men like getting advise from their friends.

7) Finally, if all the above ways have failed then ask him his opinion whether he will marry you one day or not. This is the hardest question, but the truth will be known immediately. If he intends not to marry you, then he should not waste your time, find another ready man.

In conclusion, try to follow the above 7 ways to get your man to propose marriage to you, and you will ever be happy. Thanks.

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