Wednesday, October 23, 2013

4 Amazing Ways to Get Commitment from Your Man

If you are dating a man for few weeks everything is going great, but you have no idea over the future of your relationship, then it’s probably right time that you should expect some commitment from your man. However, if you want to avoid the talk of this issue and need some tips for getting your man to commit, then you are at the right place.

1. Express your Priorities…If the guy is taking you for granted like making plans without confirming from you, then you should make your priorities clear to him. Don’t do this to spoil his plans or stop him from having fun. Make it clear that you are just dating and it’s not a relationship, you don’t have to actually say this, just make him realize by denying him your full-time.

2. Hang-Out with Male Friends…You can use the jealousy factor and bring some insecurity in him of losing you. The best way to do that is spend some time with your male friends. This would make him realize that you have other options to spend quality time. Most men believe that man and woman can’t be friends, and that other men like to use friendship as an opportunity to get laid.

3. Show Your Sweet Side to Him…You should show your affection to him, not necessarily sexually. This would make him realize that you still like him the most. You don’t have to be hard on him for not being committal. Make the time you spend together filled with fun, so that he misses you once you leave.

4. Voice Your Expectations…You don’t have to actually tell what you want from the relationship. However, you can tell him in different ways that how much you respect people who commit to things in life. 

If you are dating a man who is resisting from committing in the relationship, then the above suggested four ways to make him commit would surely help you. 


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