Wednesday, October 23, 2013

3 Ways to Get a Man to Commit to Marriage

There are two types of relationships. The first one involves a woman who knows where she is heading to, while the second one involves a woman who doesn't have an idea at all about where the relationship is heading. The first woman knows that her man will actually commit to the relationship and marry her, and that's a fact. She often doesn't assume because everything is done according to plan.

But the second woman only hopes that things will get better, and hopefully, the man will marry her in the end. Such a false hope is a rich ingredient of a major heartbreak, and if you are this type of a woman, you should learn how to tackle this problem before your heart is wretched apart. Now, this is how to get a man to commit to marriage:

1] Stop being his girlfriend, but love him…Being a girlfriend is just that, there's no forever promise. If you want to get married to your boyfriend, stop being his girlfriend and love him. You should know where you stand in the relationship. Loving him means you are willing to stay with him forever, but being a girlfriend only means you are there for sometimes, no actual commitment to getting married.

2] Talk to him without pressurizing him…Sometimes marriage talks can pile up pressure on a man if they are not ready to marry you. If you want to bring such talks onto the table, you should do it in a polite manner. You could say you need someone whom you'll get married to and start a family together. Notice that it's a statement, not a question. So if he really loves you, he should tell you his mind as soon as possible. In fact, this is the best way to know whether or not he is planning to marry you.

3] Don't give him all the benefits of a relationship…The worst mistake you can ever make is to let him have the whole of you when you are only his girlfriend. Not only does this apply sexually, but it also applies in several other ways. Don't break your plans for him, don't come and look after him when he's ill, and don't always let him call you to come to his place all the time whenever he is around.

If you give these benefits, then they will see no need of committing to marriage because they already have what they can ever look for in a marriage. Follow the 3 steps above to learn how to get a man to commit to marriage. You'll notice your man's reactions as soon as you start to implement these ways to make him commit.

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