Saturday, October 19, 2013

3 Effective Ways on How to Get Him to Propose Sooner

Any woman dreams about walking down the aisle with the man she loves. This makes most modern women use different tactics to pressure their men into marrying them. Increasing pressure from married colleagues and society expectations makes many women expect a proposal from their men sooner.

However, men do not easily jump into making a proposal to their partners, but they usually want to see the level of commitment of their partner. For women who have been in a relationship for a long time without getting a marriage proposal from their men, the following tips can help them get a proposal soon without looking desperate.

Express your level of commitment to your boyfriendMost people make assumptions that their men know their level of commitment to the relationship. Making such assumptions won’t make you get a marriage proposal soon. You should have a honest talk with him and explain where you stand in his life. This will get him thinking and he will most likely propose soon if he considers marrying you. 

Resist the urge to move in with himYou have probably heard of the phrase “why buy the cow when the milk is free?” living with your man gives him all the benefits of marriage except that you are not married. If you cook for your man, do his laundry and sleep with him when you are not married, there will be nothing else to look forward to in marriage. Keeping a distance from him will keep him wanting more from you and you will most likely get a marriage proposal sooner.

Start talking about the future...Starting to talk about the things you wish to do with him in future will make him see your level of commitment to the relationship and make him consider marrying you. You can start giving suggestions on where you want to settle or how you would like to acquire wealth.

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