Monday, September 23, 2013

When Should I Text Him First?

When should I text him first? This is a very common question asked by women who have just had a crush on a guy. Such a guy might have given you his number or you got it from him and maybe you have been communicating.

Now, your feelings may overwhelm you in certain situations and you may feel itchy to text him first but something is holding you back. Here are a few tips on when it is best to be the first to text him without appearing desperate, nagging or taking up the chase. 
If you are running late for a date: You crush guy might have set up a date but, for one reason or another, you are running late for the meet. In this case, you can text him to apologize beforehand.

If he is consistent in texting back: If your man has established a routine of texting you to wish.You good morning or good evening, then it will not hurt if you decide to text him first as Surprise. He may love it. 

In his special occasions: In case you have been dating consistently and your crush guy has some
special occasion such as birthday party, it will be rewarding to be the first to wish him luck and a
happy birthday. 

There are many other occasions where texting first may be necessary but until you are absolutely sure that such a text will elicit the reaction that you are hoping for, you should not make an attempt. Even if he has planned dates or dinner but not talking about it anymore, it may be counterproductive for you to be the first to text him.

“When should I text him first” is just one of the many questions many women are asking themselves. For more information, you can check out the 6 tips for texting someone you like. Most, if not all, your questions will be answered. 

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