Monday, September 23, 2013

What to Do When He Asked You to Text Him First

It is normally confusing when you get a cute guy and he asks you to text him first. So how do you act? Don’t panic, since this could be his method of letting you know that he would love to see you again, without exposing himself up for rejection. Asking for your phone number would need you to reject him or accept him to his face and on the spot. Requesting you to text first lets the guy to walk away with his pride intact. If you decide not to contact him later, the sting of refusal from a silent no is less painful.

If a guy asks you to text him first; firstly, you need to analyze his interests, or what some refer to buying signs. You don’t want to text a guy who only gave you his contact because he wanted to end the conversation. Find out his level of interest by examining a number key signal. Did he touch your shoulder, or arm or made any physical contact? Did he approach you and went on to flirt with you all night? How was his eye contact when asking you query about yourself? If so, then it is most likely he truly wants to hear from you.

You can start enjoy the power you are given. Preparing for voice-on-voice talk can be overwhelming; therefore, you can go for a simple text message. You can text him something funny for example, “here is my phone number, use it at your own risks’’. Or you can send him something relating to the conversation you had before. Never send him text such as “hey….. It is me….” A message such as that does not convey much confidence since it is as if he had forgotten you.

Assume he has been eagerly waiting for your text since he gave you his contact.

You will have to determine the best time to text once you have decide what to text. Although you have downgraded to the most ordinary form of communication, even a text with a few words can have an impact. Do not texts the guy too soon since this will scare him. Text him late, and if he is really interested he will reply your text. Hence, play it safe and use the 6 tips for texting someone you like to help you build a lasting relationship.

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