Monday, September 2, 2013

What Men Want in a Relationship

There are different types of relationships. Naturally, whatever men look for in any relationship differs, based on the type, the progression and the level of relationship. For instance, what a man desires in a girlfriend is not usually the same when it comes to the choice of a wife. On their first date, men rarely have any expectations about their partner.

If they hit it off, that meeting often paves way for other subsequent dates and courtship. At this time, the relationship seeds are first sown. Gradually, as it grows, develops and progresses, the man starts developing some expectations towards the girl. As their relationship grows and prospers, the girl and the guy start to commit to each other.

Once they are 'committed', individual expectations and wants start to materialize and shape up. As they move towards marriage, expectations, wants and needs of this relationship undergo various modifications and updates.

What men want in a relationship (Before marriage)…What guys expect from a girlfriend, is often a pretty and hot damsel who dresses well. They want a girl they'll be comfortable around. One who's adventurous, probably a prankster or maybe a bungee jumper. They prefer ladies who are not discouraged by life pressures and realities. Ladies who party a lot, hang out, and live a carefree life with little worries about their future. Use these tips on How to Excite Your Boyfriend!

What men want in a relationship (In a marriage)…After the man gets engaged or married, he wants the partner to undergo a series of change. In this case, they want someone who will be able to love them despite all their craziness. In a life partner, the man wants a woman who, during periods of need, can enhance their confidence, self-esteem and make them feel good about themselves. They want their women to love them unconditionally and be there for them at all times.

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