Monday, September 2, 2013

What Men Want From Women

Relationships survive on reciprocity and reciprocity can come only from understanding each other's needs which are passed on through body language, verbal communication or what we understand as emotional and physical response. Through the rough and tumble of relationships, few women think objectively about what men actually want from their women. Complex, some would say, but really not so difficult to fathom once you begin looking at the man in terms of why he is in a relationship and then work your way through his actions and words.

What men want form women can never be generalized, yet there are some yardsticks that can be safely taken as the common denominator.

Firstly, a man would never want a woman to throw a challenge at him either intellectually or physically; he has far too many to deal with in his life and thus looks at his woman as the salve or balm for his stress- ridden life.

A man would never want his woman to claim him completely; call it animal instinct or whatever, he still wants to have that independent streak in him which he wants to keep alive.

Men want their women to ask only what is not uncomfortable to answer; henpecking and badgering the man with a barrage of questions will repel him .A man wants to rule the bastions of his imaginary fiefdom and doesn't like too many questions which will bring him back to mother earth with a thud. Be sure to text things that will excite him…Here’s some examples on How to Excite Your Boyfriend.

Men like to be given the freedom to come and go as and when they please. Don’t clip their wings as they love their freedom more than anything in the world.

Men want their women to have a life of their own yet not be so busy as not to notice that they've had a rough day. So bring on the pampering, never mind your own headache.

Men want their time with their woman as 'theirs'; no mommy phone calls or 'let's go shopping ' plans. He would rather have her listen to his day at office tales. Selfish, some would say, others however might call it 'real bonding'.

What most men are looking for is great companionship and someone with whom pretenses are not needed. The guards can be lowered and the real emotions can come to play. Let your man see the real you. What men want from women is their real selves, not a mirage of made up beauty and put on charm.

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