Monday, September 2, 2013

Understanding What Men Want from Women

In a relationship it seems men and women seem to be wondering what each other wants. Trying to understand what do men want from women is not as difficult though. Men want beautiful and attractive women; they want women who are good looking. It feeds the male ego to have a gorgeous woman next to you and men like showing off.

Men also want women who are healthy and womanly like; long hair, bright smile and healthy looking skin. Though most men will deny it; the truth is most men seek to find their mothers in the women they fall in love with. A large majority of men want to be some part of the woman's life; they don't want to be the woman's whole life. They want women that live their own lives, have their own friends, likes and dislikes and not women who will suffocate their freedom.

Another trait that your man wants is the ability for you to excite him with passion!!

Here are some examples on How to Excite Your Boyfriend!

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