Saturday, September 21, 2013

Three Easy Tips on How to Text a Guy

You have just met this nice guy and you had a crush and even taken his number. You are itching to text him but you cannot just do it. You are afraid whatever you text may be wrong or make you look desperate, even needy. Nevertheless, rest easy because there are simple tricks on how to text a guy that will help you tear the veil and start flirting with your crush.

Make a great first impression… The manner in which your crush will receive your first text depends on what your opening text is. It has to be killer opening. The best way to start is to ask him a question that will show him you are interested.
Such a question must have a direct answer. For instance, you can ask him something very specific about him and let the question be open-ended. 

Let your text be unique…The internet is full of generic texts that anyone can send. Probably, the guy with whom you crush has already seen them. Be creative and very original. Compose something that will get him excited and not simply waste his time. Instead of the usual “Hi” or “Hello,” you can find a statement that arouses his inner man so that a conversation can be started. If possible, you can add some humor.

Be engaging in your conversation… One of the things that make conversations difficult is lack of engagement between the contributing parties. Now that you initiated the texting, it is your responsibility to ensure that you engage him. You can achieve this by being witty, asking him something he has done, being playful and bringing to his attention something that he has never heard before in his life. This is one of the most important tips on how to text a guy without getting disappointed. 

If you have been asking yourself this question, “should I text him first,” the above discussed tips will help you achieve your dream. You will see just how it is easy to text your dream guy and see him respond favorably. 

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