Sunday, September 8, 2013

Love Text Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

There are different ways of showing your love to your boyfriend which includes sending him messages, funny passages, cute quotes, flirty insinuations and pictures. But there are many love text messages to send to your boyfriend which will help your relationship to grow even stronger.

You can write the message clearly that is sexy and sweet and you can even use abbreviations and acronyms that only your boyfriend understands. Be concise and accurate when writing the message and add a personal touch to the message by writing it yourself. You can even conceal your thoughts in fancy and beautiful words to show the actual feeling of your love. 

The love text messages to send to your boyfriend should be full of romance as you can add all the romantic moments that you both have spent together. You can even message him about every fight that you both had and how your bond and love have become even stronger after your fights. Reminding him of all the happy moments will surely bring a beautiful smile on the face of your boyfriend and he will even adore you more for caring for him and making him feel so special. 

There are many love text messages to send to your boyfriend which includes…

You are strong as tequila, sweet as bailey, warm as cognac and very exotic as Malibu. You are heady as cocktail but very special as champagne. Please be my forever and add intoxication in my life.

Love is a golden chain that has joined us forever in a never ending relationship. Hope the shine of our love remains the way gold shines. 

I fear to close my eyes as I may see you with my closed eyes. I fear to sleep as I may dream of you but I am not afraid to love you since I know that you will love me too. 

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