Saturday, September 21, 2013

How to Get a Guy to Text You First

Ladies meet many cute guys quite often. Chances are you met a guy you instantly liked at a school or at a party hosted by a friend. Some even find guys they get attracted to from their places of work. Wherever this occurs, the most important thing you must immediately identify is how the both of you will communicate once you exit the party scene.

Most girls have a preference for sending text messages but as a girl, your immediate concern will be how to get a guy to text you first.

If for instance you just met a handsome guy in school whom you like so much, it could be easier for you to bring him closer while the both of you are attending some class. Casually ask the boy you like to provide you with a pen, or find out if he could assist you with a math question. This creates an opportunity for him to know you better.

If you are afraid of approaching him, which is quite common with most girls, you can steal glances at him until his eyes meet yours. Once this happens, you can simply smile then continue with your class assignments. This will undoubtedly make him interested in knowing you and why you smiled at him.

Conversation should follow next since it is the best way of making friendship with the guy you like. Chances are high that he will come over and say hi then some interesting conversation will follow. Be friendly but do not come off as a girl who is too eager.

When a guy misses you, he will try looking for you and this is when he will think about sending that important text message. As a girl, you should not give in to the urge of calling or sending him a text at this point since you will probably be asking yourself: should I text him first. This is the best way of getting him to text you.

You just need to exercise patience and the guy of your dreams will most certainly text you first. Therefore if you are wondering how to get a guy to text you first, then you need to follow the above procedures.

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