Monday, September 23, 2013

6 Tips on How to Text Message Someone You Like

Text messages offer an avenue to reach your loved ones with immediate and touching words even when other avenues are not possible or practical. Indeed, there is plenty of evidence that people attach more importance to text messages as opposed to messages passed through voice calls. To ensure you do it right every time, follow the following tips on how to text message someone you like. 

1. Do not overuse pet names...While the two of you may have reached a level of easy familiarity, do not take this too far by using very cheesy pet names every time you send a text message. Instead of encouraging the candid camaraderie the two of you have attained, such overtures may only drive the other person further from returning your enthusiasm. 

2. Do not send monosyllabic replies...Monosyllables are those short, single sound words like "No", "Yes", "Okay". Thought these may work for certain messages, to someone you like they will often sound like a signal you are fed up with talking to them. 

3. Use Smiley faces and emoticons...Smiley faces and emoticons are powerful symbols you can use to express your mood and reactions without saying so much. However, there are some grey areas when it comes to such symbolic communication. Be careful that the symbols you use are not construed as passing a message that is completely at odds with what you wanted to convey. 

4. Choose the times wisely...Due to the immediacy and personal nature of text messages, they can be as endearing almost in equal measure to how much they can be disruptive and irritating. As much as possible, try to send such messages when the recipient is relaxed and not when they are too busy with their jobs or chores. This is how to text message someone you like without irritating them in the process.

5. It is a chat, not an interrogation!...Text messages offer an effective way to get to know someone else, even when the two of you are separated by long distances. However, this does not give you the excuse to use the forum to grill a person you like by firing question after question. You are more likely to get to know them better by letting them talk about themselves in a natural way as you describe yourself as well. 

6. Do not take an eternity to reply...No one likes to chat on text with someone who takes an eternity to post replies. Even if you cannot manage to carry out a prolonged text chat session, take a few seconds to send a reply that you are busy as soon as you receive the first message prompting you for a reply. 

We hope that you found these 6 tips for texting someone you like fun and endearing. Happy texting!


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