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6 Tips on How to Text Message Someone You Like

Text messages offer an avenue to reach your loved ones with immediate and touching words even when other avenues are not possible or practical. Indeed, there is plenty of evidence that people attach more importance to text messages as opposed to messages passed through voice calls. To ensure you do it right every time, follow the following tips on how to text message someone you like. 

1. Do not overuse pet names...While the two of you may have reached a level of easy familiarity, do not take this too far by using very cheesy pet names every time you send a text message. Instead of encouraging the candid camaraderie the two of you have attained, such overtures may only drive the other person further from returning your enthusiasm. 

2. Do not send monosyllabic replies...Monosyllables are those short, single sound words like "No", "Yes", "Okay". Thought these may work for certain messages, to someone you like they will often sound like a signal you are fed up with talking to them. 

3. Use Smiley faces and emoticons...Smiley faces and emoticons are powerful symbols you can use to express your mood and reactions without saying so much. However, there are some grey areas when it comes to such symbolic communication. Be careful that the symbols you use are not construed as passing a message that is completely at odds with what you wanted to convey. 

4. Choose the times wisely...Due to the immediacy and personal nature of text messages, they can be as endearing almost in equal measure to how much they can be disruptive and irritating. As much as possible, try to send such messages when the recipient is relaxed and not when they are too busy with their jobs or chores. This is how to text message someone you like without irritating them in the process.

5. It is a chat, not an interrogation!...Text messages offer an effective way to get to know someone else, even when the two of you are separated by long distances. However, this does not give you the excuse to use the forum to grill a person you like by firing question after question. You are more likely to get to know them better by letting them talk about themselves in a natural way as you describe yourself as well. 

6. Do not take an eternity to reply...No one likes to chat on text with someone who takes an eternity to post replies. Even if you cannot manage to carry out a prolonged text chat session, take a few seconds to send a reply that you are busy as soon as you receive the first message prompting you for a reply. 

We hope that you found these 6 tips for texting someone you like fun and endearing. Happy texting!


What to Do When He Asked You to Text Him First

It is normally confusing when you get a cute guy and he asks you to text him first. So how do you act? Don’t panic, since this could be his method of letting you know that he would love to see you again, without exposing himself up for rejection. Asking for your phone number would need you to reject him or accept him to his face and on the spot. Requesting you to text first lets the guy to walk away with his pride intact. If you decide not to contact him later, the sting of refusal from a silent no is less painful.

If a guy asks you to text him first; firstly, you need to analyze his interests, or what some refer to buying signs. You don’t want to text a guy who only gave you his contact because he wanted to end the conversation. Find out his level of interest by examining a number key signal. Did he touch your shoulder, or arm or made any physical contact? Did he approach you and went on to flirt with you all night? How was his eye contact when asking you query about yourself? If so, then it is most likely he truly wants to hear from you.

You can start enjoy the power you are given. Preparing for voice-on-voice talk can be overwhelming; therefore, you can go for a simple text message. You can text him something funny for example, “here is my phone number, use it at your own risks’’. Or you can send him something relating to the conversation you had before. Never send him text such as “hey….. It is me….” A message such as that does not convey much confidence since it is as if he had forgotten you.

Assume he has been eagerly waiting for your text since he gave you his contact.

You will have to determine the best time to text once you have decide what to text. Although you have downgraded to the most ordinary form of communication, even a text with a few words can have an impact. Do not texts the guy too soon since this will scare him. Text him late, and if he is really interested he will reply your text. Hence, play it safe and use the 6 tips for texting someone you like to help you build a lasting relationship.

When Should I Text Him First?

When should I text him first? This is a very common question asked by women who have just had a crush on a guy. Such a guy might have given you his number or you got it from him and maybe you have been communicating.

Now, your feelings may overwhelm you in certain situations and you may feel itchy to text him first but something is holding you back. Here are a few tips on when it is best to be the first to text him without appearing desperate, nagging or taking up the chase. 
If you are running late for a date: You crush guy might have set up a date but, for one reason or another, you are running late for the meet. In this case, you can text him to apologize beforehand.

If he is consistent in texting back: If your man has established a routine of texting you to wish.You good morning or good evening, then it will not hurt if you decide to text him first as Surprise. He may love it. 

In his special occasions: In case you have been dating consistently and your crush guy has some
special occasion such as birthday party, it will be rewarding to be the first to wish him luck and a
happy birthday. 

There are many other occasions where texting first may be necessary but until you are absolutely sure that such a text will elicit the reaction that you are hoping for, you should not make an attempt. Even if he has planned dates or dinner but not talking about it anymore, it may be counterproductive for you to be the first to text him.

“When should I text him first” is just one of the many questions many women are asking themselves. For more information, you can check out the 6 tips for texting someone you like. Most, if not all, your questions will be answered. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Reasons to Text Him First

When you meet a man you are interested in, there are two possible outcomes: Either he will offer you his cell phone number or you will have to give him yours. Most men will tell you that they will text or call you while a minority will ask you to text or call them. However, if you are the one who had a crush on him, it may be up to you to start the conversation.

Many women are divided when it comes to this subject. They really do not know whether to be the first to text or wait until they are texted. However, there are valid reasons to text him first. One important thing to take into account is that men are very patient and slow and that some men can give their numbers to women even if they are not interested. 

If he is the one who offered his number, a day goes, days and then weeks, and you see no text from him then he is probably not interested. Nevertheless, you must understand there are some guys who are generally shy but is not for you to use shyness as excuse to be the first to text him. In this case, you can start the conversation using other valid reasons.

Another reason to text him first is that some men love it. It somehow boosts their ego to have a woman they are interested in text them first. You have to be careful though not to appear desperate or needy. After you establish the conversation, he will be happy to be the first to text next time. There is no reason to lose your potential happiness just by being afraid to text first. 

Finally showing your interest could be the reason to text him first. In most societies, the culture is that men should be the first to make the initial advance. However, this does not hold waters anymore. If you are interested then you must let him know about it. Maybe this will make him realize his own feelings for you. These reasons should address your question- should I text him first

How to Get a Guy to Text You First

Ladies meet many cute guys quite often. Chances are you met a guy you instantly liked at a school or at a party hosted by a friend. Some even find guys they get attracted to from their places of work. Wherever this occurs, the most important thing you must immediately identify is how the both of you will communicate once you exit the party scene.

Most girls have a preference for sending text messages but as a girl, your immediate concern will be how to get a guy to text you first.

If for instance you just met a handsome guy in school whom you like so much, it could be easier for you to bring him closer while the both of you are attending some class. Casually ask the boy you like to provide you with a pen, or find out if he could assist you with a math question. This creates an opportunity for him to know you better.

If you are afraid of approaching him, which is quite common with most girls, you can steal glances at him until his eyes meet yours. Once this happens, you can simply smile then continue with your class assignments. This will undoubtedly make him interested in knowing you and why you smiled at him.

Conversation should follow next since it is the best way of making friendship with the guy you like. Chances are high that he will come over and say hi then some interesting conversation will follow. Be friendly but do not come off as a girl who is too eager.

When a guy misses you, he will try looking for you and this is when he will think about sending that important text message. As a girl, you should not give in to the urge of calling or sending him a text at this point since you will probably be asking yourself: should I text him first. This is the best way of getting him to text you.

You just need to exercise patience and the guy of your dreams will most certainly text you first. Therefore if you are wondering how to get a guy to text you first, then you need to follow the above procedures.

Three Easy Tips on How to Text a Guy

You have just met this nice guy and you had a crush and even taken his number. You are itching to text him but you cannot just do it. You are afraid whatever you text may be wrong or make you look desperate, even needy. Nevertheless, rest easy because there are simple tricks on how to text a guy that will help you tear the veil and start flirting with your crush.

Make a great first impression… The manner in which your crush will receive your first text depends on what your opening text is. It has to be killer opening. The best way to start is to ask him a question that will show him you are interested.
Such a question must have a direct answer. For instance, you can ask him something very specific about him and let the question be open-ended. 

Let your text be unique…The internet is full of generic texts that anyone can send. Probably, the guy with whom you crush has already seen them. Be creative and very original. Compose something that will get him excited and not simply waste his time. Instead of the usual “Hi” or “Hello,” you can find a statement that arouses his inner man so that a conversation can be started. If possible, you can add some humor.

Be engaging in your conversation… One of the things that make conversations difficult is lack of engagement between the contributing parties. Now that you initiated the texting, it is your responsibility to ensure that you engage him. You can achieve this by being witty, asking him something he has done, being playful and bringing to his attention something that he has never heard before in his life. This is one of the most important tips on how to text a guy without getting disappointed. 

If you have been asking yourself this question, “should I text him first,” the above discussed tips will help you achieve your dream. You will see just how it is easy to text your dream guy and see him respond favorably. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Love Text Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

There are different ways of showing your love to your boyfriend which includes sending him messages, funny passages, cute quotes, flirty insinuations and pictures. But there are many love text messages to send to your boyfriend which will help your relationship to grow even stronger.

You can write the message clearly that is sexy and sweet and you can even use abbreviations and acronyms that only your boyfriend understands. Be concise and accurate when writing the message and add a personal touch to the message by writing it yourself. You can even conceal your thoughts in fancy and beautiful words to show the actual feeling of your love. 

The love text messages to send to your boyfriend should be full of romance as you can add all the romantic moments that you both have spent together. You can even message him about every fight that you both had and how your bond and love have become even stronger after your fights. Reminding him of all the happy moments will surely bring a beautiful smile on the face of your boyfriend and he will even adore you more for caring for him and making him feel so special. 

There are many love text messages to send to your boyfriend which includes…

You are strong as tequila, sweet as bailey, warm as cognac and very exotic as Malibu. You are heady as cocktail but very special as champagne. Please be my forever and add intoxication in my life.

Love is a golden chain that has joined us forever in a never ending relationship. Hope the shine of our love remains the way gold shines. 

I fear to close my eyes as I may see you with my closed eyes. I fear to sleep as I may dream of you but I am not afraid to love you since I know that you will love me too. 

Here are some tips on How to Arouse a Man by Text you can use!

Some Cute Texts to Send the Guy You Like

In case you are a girl who has no idea what to text a boy, you need to know that there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to cute texts to send the guy you like.

If there is a man you like so much to the extent that you would not mind flirting with him, then you should familiarize yourself with the new ways of flirting. Sending text messages is one of the most common ways most couples use to flirt.

Below are examples of cute texts to send the guy you like.
1. Can’t stop thinking about you!
2. Hey love, I can’t wait to see you this evening..
3. Wishing you a splendid day sweetheart.
3. I have fallen deeply in love with you.
4. The thought of you puts a smile on my face.
5. My heart belongs to you.
6. You mean everything to me.
7. I can’t wait for your lips to touch mine again.
8. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you.
9. I can’t stop thinking about you.
10. I will love you forever.
11. The life we have together is amazing, and together we will make it even better!
12. How I wish you were right here next to me as we cuddle together.
13. You are my reason for breathing.
14. The best feeling is knowing you love me.
15. I would like to spend my entire life with you.
16. Not a minute goes by without me thinking about you.
17. I cherish every moment we share.
18. Ever since I met you my heart is filled with love.
19. You are the source of my happiness!
20. Your warm embrace is all I can think of now.

Here are some Tips on How to Talk Dirty to a Guy Using Texting you might like to try!

It is evident that there are numerous cute texts to send the guy you like. This is made possible by sending simple texts which will no doubt put a smile on the face of the man of your dreams. With a couple of words you can easily communicate your feelings to your boyfriend.

I Miss You Text Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

Perhaps you have unlimited text messaging services and you wish to send your boyfriend a quick text that expresses how much you love him. What are some of the texts that you would send? Below, find a compiled list of I miss you text messages to send to your boyfriend.

11 effective I miss you text messages to send to your boyfriend.

1. Yesterday, I loved you; tomorrow I am sure that I will be thinking of you. You know what? I love you.

2. If nothing lasts forever, then am your nothing.

3. Most people say that we fall in love once. I protest such a statement because every time I see you, I fall in love all over again.

4. I want to type miss you’ on a hard surface and throw it at your face so that you can know how much it hurts to miss you.

5. Every time I wake up with a smile on my face, I know that you are the reason for the smile

6. You are like a hard drug, I am addicted to you.

7. I know it is possible to love and still remain wise. I will always love you.

8. I am not sure about what live will bring tomorrow. I am not sure if dreams will always come true. But I am sure about one thing – I will always love you.

9. Every time I close my eyes, I see your lovely face. And whenever I sleep, I dream about being with you always.

10. I love you more than you will ever know.

11. I hope you know that you are always on my mind.

There are countless I miss you text messages to send to your boyfriend. Here are 10 Hot Text Messages to Send Your Boyfriend. Don’t forget that such messages can be rewritten again and again to produce several other amazing versions of the messages. Make use of the above messages and you will see the difference that it will bring in your relationship.

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Understanding What Men Want from Women

In a relationship it seems men and women seem to be wondering what each other wants. Trying to understand what do men want from women is not as difficult though. Men want beautiful and attractive women; they want women who are good looking. It feeds the male ego to have a gorgeous woman next to you and men like showing off.

Men also want women who are healthy and womanly like; long hair, bright smile and healthy looking skin. Though most men will deny it; the truth is most men seek to find their mothers in the women they fall in love with. A large majority of men want to be some part of the woman's life; they don't want to be the woman's whole life. They want women that live their own lives, have their own friends, likes and dislikes and not women who will suffocate their freedom.

Another trait that your man wants is the ability for you to excite him with passion!!

Here are some examples on How to Excite Your Boyfriend!

What Men Want From Women

Relationships survive on reciprocity and reciprocity can come only from understanding each other's needs which are passed on through body language, verbal communication or what we understand as emotional and physical response. Through the rough and tumble of relationships, few women think objectively about what men actually want from their women. Complex, some would say, but really not so difficult to fathom once you begin looking at the man in terms of why he is in a relationship and then work your way through his actions and words.

What men want form women can never be generalized, yet there are some yardsticks that can be safely taken as the common denominator.

Firstly, a man would never want a woman to throw a challenge at him either intellectually or physically; he has far too many to deal with in his life and thus looks at his woman as the salve or balm for his stress- ridden life.

A man would never want his woman to claim him completely; call it animal instinct or whatever, he still wants to have that independent streak in him which he wants to keep alive.

Men want their women to ask only what is not uncomfortable to answer; henpecking and badgering the man with a barrage of questions will repel him .A man wants to rule the bastions of his imaginary fiefdom and doesn't like too many questions which will bring him back to mother earth with a thud. Be sure to text things that will excite him…Here’s some examples on How to Excite Your Boyfriend.

Men like to be given the freedom to come and go as and when they please. Don’t clip their wings as they love their freedom more than anything in the world.

Men want their women to have a life of their own yet not be so busy as not to notice that they've had a rough day. So bring on the pampering, never mind your own headache.

Men want their time with their woman as 'theirs'; no mommy phone calls or 'let's go shopping ' plans. He would rather have her listen to his day at office tales. Selfish, some would say, others however might call it 'real bonding'.

What most men are looking for is great companionship and someone with whom pretenses are not needed. The guards can be lowered and the real emotions can come to play. Let your man see the real you. What men want from women is their real selves, not a mirage of made up beauty and put on charm.

What Men Want in a Relationship

There are different types of relationships. Naturally, whatever men look for in any relationship differs, based on the type, the progression and the level of relationship. For instance, what a man desires in a girlfriend is not usually the same when it comes to the choice of a wife. On their first date, men rarely have any expectations about their partner.

If they hit it off, that meeting often paves way for other subsequent dates and courtship. At this time, the relationship seeds are first sown. Gradually, as it grows, develops and progresses, the man starts developing some expectations towards the girl. As their relationship grows and prospers, the girl and the guy start to commit to each other.

Once they are 'committed', individual expectations and wants start to materialize and shape up. As they move towards marriage, expectations, wants and needs of this relationship undergo various modifications and updates.

What men want in a relationship (Before marriage)…What guys expect from a girlfriend, is often a pretty and hot damsel who dresses well. They want a girl they'll be comfortable around. One who's adventurous, probably a prankster or maybe a bungee jumper. They prefer ladies who are not discouraged by life pressures and realities. Ladies who party a lot, hang out, and live a carefree life with little worries about their future. Use these tips on How to Excite Your Boyfriend!

What men want in a relationship (In a marriage)…After the man gets engaged or married, he wants the partner to undergo a series of change. In this case, they want someone who will be able to love them despite all their craziness. In a life partner, the man wants a woman who, during periods of need, can enhance their confidence, self-esteem and make them feel good about themselves. They want their women to love them unconditionally and be there for them at all times.