Monday, August 26, 2013

Sexy Things to Instantly Turn Your Boyfriend On

Whether you are between the sheets with your boyfriend or you are miles away from each other, you need to know the right words that can turn him on. If you just want to tease him, you better send him a sexy message earlier on, and make him miss you even more.

Sex is psychological. You need to prepare your man for the impending love making. This will get into his system, and when he sees you later that day, he will be already unzipping his pants. So what are the sexiest things you can tell your boyfriend?

Sexy things to tell your boyfriend through text…
• Hurry up and text back. I need the phone to VIBRATE!
• It’s really cold here. Can you come and make me sweat?
• Do you remember the time I stunned you with the sexy lingerie? …..well, I have it on right now.
• I’m wearing lip gloss, do you mind coming over and taking it off of me?
• I suppose that outfit you put on today would look a lot better on the floor of my bedroom
• I’m alone in my room, door locked, fully naked with my phone on my chest. I’m texting you with one hand, and my other hand is busy.
• I want you to come here and make me scream.

During the action…
For men, there is nothing sexier than a woman who talks a little dirty and is loud in bed. As a girl, you need to know sexy things to say to your boyfriend, and which he really wishes that you could say. Below are five things that your boyfriend is dying to hear from you
• You animal
• I need you so bad
• Don’t stop, push harder
• Give the whole of it to me
• That feels so amazing

If you muster the right sexy things to say to your boyfriend, you will make your man feel as if he is in heaven.

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