Sunday, August 18, 2013

Several Cute Quotes for Your Boyfriend

If you truly love your boyfriend, then you have to let him know about this every moment. And what better way to do this then through a series of quotes? In this article we'll present you a series of cute quotes for your boyfriend which work well regardless of the time or location:

"You, my dear, are the one who made me feel beautiful, who made me believe in myself and convinced me of my value. You're the one who taught me to love and showed me how it feels to be loved, who taught me what feelings and emotions really mean."

"You know that it's hard to write in words how I feel about you. Words are simply not enough, I just want you to know that I love you more than you can imagine. You are everything I could wish for in this life."

"Lying next to you ... I think ... there were moments.... smile for the moments that feel now.... and ... dreaming moments to be born ... with you ... . I close my eyes; feel the world... and how it revolves around us."

"I do not know what to tell you for the start, I'm not ashamed of my own thoughts, and I would not want to hide, I'd like to confess, but I nail. I let fate decide my consciousness, so please guide me wherever you want."

"I'm a raindrop crushed between your eyelids. I'm a vagrant thought, lost in your hair, sun fires late morning dew, second hourglass grains of sand fell." This is actually part of the funny and cute quotes for your boyfriend. Here are some more romantic ones:

"its night! Late in the night.... the stars shine in my window, reminding me of how your eyes shine the gleam that I'll never be able to forger. And now after so much time has passed since we saw each other, I just want to be back in your hands once again."

"For me you're like a sun that always protects my body from the storm, unfortunately it's now raining, but I know that after rain the sun rises in the sky and we can prevail. Our love story will never end."

These are some cute quotes for your boyfriend that will help you express your feeling in a romantic way without too much hassle. Keep in mind: never forget to smile and watch ahead!

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