Monday, August 26, 2013

Nice Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Other than trust, love and respect, it is also true that a strong and healthy relationship is founded on positive communication.

Saying nice things keeps the conversation interesting and can be used as a secret tool to get what you want from your boyfriend. Nice things also help the guy to know that he is on the right track. Also because they are usually used to being the ones saying the nice things, it will also feel good for them being on the receiving end for a change.

Some of the nice things to say to your boyfriend on a daily basis include compliments. Notice his positive traits such as good looks, strength and character. Genuinely tell him how good he looks, or how best he is in at he does and do not restrain from being specific.

After an argument, telling them why you love them could also help restore the right atmosphere in the relationship.

Using the phrases, I miss you’ or am lucky to have you’ are also some of the nice things to say to your boyfriend that will definitely put a smile on his face.

Other nice things to say include what he does to make you smile. Your boyfriend will always love to know how his efforts to pleasure you make you feel. Let him know that you think about him, or his smell and how much it turns you on. This also includes the fantasies you have about you and him together, how often you think about him and how you like it.

It would also be nice to tell him the good things your friend or other people say about him. For instance how your friends may be jealous of you for having him. However it is not just about the nice things to say to your boyfriend, it is also about how you say them. Keep the nice things flowing slowly so as to give him room to take them in, be confident and a little teasing is also allowed.

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