Monday, July 1, 2013

What a Man Wants in a Relationship

As a woman in order to maintain a good relationship with a man you need to know what a man wants in a relationship. Men are different from women hence their expectations in a relationship may vary from those of women. Most men will like the following traits in women.

Women who are confident, self-sufficient and secure. In having these traits a woman will be able to stick to one man what most men like. A woman who is not manipulating, most men will like to do things in a relationship out of their own will not by being manipulated. Ownership and personal responsibility in a woman, men will like this in women where a woman can own up her man in all situations and be ready to play her part in making the relationship grow.

Fidelity in women, this is one of the traits that all men want in women. Without this a relationship can easily end. Men also want women who know how to treat their men well with respect and concern.

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