Saturday, July 20, 2013

Some of The Best Cute I Love You Quotes

It is rightly said that love is very strange. It sometimes gives goose-bumps and sometimes it is outright painful but you should never ignore the cute side of love. Let us have a look at some of the cute I love you quotes.

>>>> Although it has been so many years since I first saw you, it still feels like yesterday. Each day I feel like doing something cute for you to make u feel my true love for you.

>>>> I am going to love you till the time comes when you will see a bird crawling, a donkey flying and a cow barking in a corruption free nation.

>>>> Your love is forever mine. I was born to find you and love you immensely. I need you always.

>>>> Just peep into my heart and it is filled with your images and many cute I love you quotes for you.

>>>> I cannot imagine my life without your cute smile, your sweet tantrums and your most beautiful heart.

>>>> You are the best and the most precious aspect of my life. In short, you are my life.

>>>> If you are going to live for a century, I would want to live to be a century minus as I can never even imagine a day without you.

>>>> I do not need the whole world to love me, I just need one and only one person to be with me and love me forever and that angel is you.

>>>> I wondered what love basically means before I met you.

>>>> I feel a strange rush of energy inside my body every time you pass by me.

>>>> My doctor says my mind is infected. I know the virus is you.

>>>> I never knew how much passion I had for music until I heard you for the first time.

>>>> Hey, do you have a treatment for my obsessive compulsive disorder? I keep on hearing your voice all the time.

>>>> I make mistakes only to angry you more so that I would get another chance to prove how much I love you.

I hope the above cute I love you quotes prove helpful to you. Live your life and enjoy it and remember never to lose a person who loves you truly.

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