Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Love You Quotes

In order to strengthen relationships, it is very essential to use I love you quotes that are popular among many people. These love quotes have been used by lovers in order to create the relationships to grow.

Here are some of the love quotes that are famous among lovers and those who are targeting to be in new relationships:

>>> To be with you, takes me to be in a magical trip.

>>> I never get a dull time when we are together.

>>> Words can even explain how much I love you, I love you again.

>>> Love you forever my baby.

>>> There's no one who have ever loved me the way you do.

>>> Thanks to the Lord for showing us each other.

>>> Forever you will be my friend and my greatest lover.

>>> I will still love you even when this red hair turns white.

>>> I will ever love you even when the soft skin of this youth turns out to be full of lines that will come with aging.

>>> Other i love you quotes that are greatly used has made the life of lovers to be smooth includes:

>>> My loves, even if we are miles away from each other, just know that my feelings are still the same; you are always in my mind.

>>> When I first met you I feared to talk to you, when I talked to you, I feared to touch you, when I touch you, I feared to love. And now I love you, I fear to lose you.

>>> The feeling of you grows day in day out, I can't live without you my love
I am the best for you although am not the best.

>>> Just know that whenever you go, I will always love you.
All this are part of the many I love you quotes that are used by lovers who are in relationships.

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