Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Things to Say to My Boyfriend

If you believe that only women love to hear romantic and sweet words from their men, then you are dead wrong. Guys too, love to be sweet talked by their women. Here are some sweet things you can say to your boyfriend.

Things to Say to My Boyfriend

Compliments…Give him some "genuine" compliments to soothe his "male ego". Say things like "that shirt looks hot on you!", "you are a special man", "you are completely different from other guys!" and so on. Try one of these Cute Quotes.

Concern…You can also show your man that you care a lot about him by saying sweet things. For example, ask him things such as, "how was your day?"," how was your class" or "did you take breakfast today?", but don't overdo it!

Gratitude…Let your man know how thankful and appreciative you for his companionship and comfort. So, if he comes back home from work, say things like "Honey, I am very lucky to be with!" Thank you for always being there for me".

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