Friday, June 28, 2013

The Kind of Woman Men Fall in Love With

The kind of woman men fall in love with generally possesses certain characteristics that set them apart from other women.

Self-respect…First of all, the woman must have self-respect, and she should take good care of herself too. Most men prefer a woman with some assertiveness, one that doesn't allow herself to be put upon or walked over.

Appearances…Men are highly visual creatures, and although they look for other qualities in a woman, appearances matter.

Trust…Men need a woman that they can trust as well. Without trust, there isn't a foundation to stand on. When a man realizes that he's been deceived, it's likely that the damage caused will be irreparable.

Support…Men need the support of a caring woman, someone who isn't self-absorbed, and someone who'll take the time to consider the smaller details in life.

Food…The old saying, "the way into a man's heart is through his stomach" might hold some merit after all. Like it or not, many men fall for women that have the ability to cook a meal and warm the soul; however, if you're not a good cook, don't worry, you can order in and ditch the boxes - he probably won't know the difference.
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